रविवार, 10 अप्रैल 2011

Village Gods In Tamil Nadu

Village  God

The concept of the village god is an ancient religious belief in the minds of the every people of countryside of India. Though not based on systematic research but one may guess that during the age of settlement after the age of wondering and hunting life , for the safety of the hamlet or the cluster of hamlets, there used to be a brave or warrior like person was selected by the local inhabitants to safeguard them . May be possible that he would have required companions or assistants to ensure the safety of the settlement day and night. Hence the concept of more than one gods headed by a chief god was extended later on.

Mythologically, such real human beings alike other elements of nature or live species other than human beings developed with the passage of time in the forms of myths, The village gods must have been treated and later on worshipped as guard - gods as happened in cases of all mythological characters.

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